If you are suffering from low libido or lack of sexual desire, you may think it’s just the way it has to be. Perhaps you chalk it up to age, family responsibilities, or work-related stress. The truth is, there may be something wrong, and you don’t have to settle for it. Low libido typically has a root cause that you can treat with the right compounded medication. Read on to learn more about how a prescription from a compounding pharmacy can maintain your health and your love life!

What Is Causing Your Low Libido?

An inability to “get in the mood” can lead to feelings of guilt and shame. It’s a cycle that tends to perpetuate the issues. Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) is a term for that lack of sexual desire, and you are not alone. Studies show that as many as 30% of women suffer from HSDD. Unfortunately, people just don’t talk about it because they are embarrassed.

Your doctor can make an HSDD diagnosis. The primary issue contributing to this condition is a part of the brain that possesses receptors receiving hormones—specifically oxytocin and melanocortin. When the hormones are doing their jobs, a feeling of sexual desire and excitement follows. When they aren’t, there can be a lack of desire and less gratification and contentment from sex.

What Is the Solution for Lack of Sexual Desire?

A study showed that both men and women who received oxytocin hormone experienced higher intensity orgasms and sexual contentment as well as an increase in sexual interest and desire.

Yet another treatment option showing promise is bremelanotide, also known as PT-141, which stimulates the brain’s melanocortin receptor. Stimulating this receptor increases sexual desire and arousal in women. Bremelanotide is available in a nasal spray and subcutaneous injection.

Your doctor can work with a compounding pharmacy to find the right treatment option for your unique situation.

How Towne Lake Family Pharmacy Can Help

Our experienced compounding pharmacists can connect you with a treatment option by prescription only. We customize our formulations of oxytocin or bremelanotide to meet your specific needs so that you can experience results and enhanced sexual desire.

As a trusted, family-owned compounding pharmacy, we are experts at helping you achieve optimal health and well-being. Our goal is to provide compassionate treatment and individualized attention to each pharmacy customer. You don’t have to settle for a lack of sexual desire! When you turn to our pharmacy, you can count on customized hormone therapy with vital hormones in the perfect dose and strength to meet your unique sexual health needs.

If you would like to learn more about your best treatment for lack of desire or low libido, contact Towne Lake Family Pharmacy to schedule a consultation to maintain your health and your love life.