Pain Management

Looking for better medication options to provide effective pain management?

Discover how custom medications from our compounding pharmacy can help you find relief.

Finding the right medication for effective pain management is a challenge for countless patients. At Towne Lake Family Pharmacy, our compounding pharmacists are specialists in customizing medications to meet your unique pain management needs. We will work closely with your physician to formulate a customized, powerful solution that provides relief for even the most stubborn pain issues.


From fibromyalgia and arthritis to neuropathic pain, chronic back pain, and cancer-related pain, we are committed to delivering the relief you deserve to help you achieve your highest quality of life.


When Traditional Pain Management Isn’t Enough

It can be incredibly frustrating to live with pain that traditional medications do not alleviate. In many cases, singularly formulated pharmaceuticals available on the market are not sufficient to solve the problem of chronic pain. Because chronic pain conditions often have several contributing factors, they tend to be more challenging to manage than conditions with acute pain.


Compounded custom medications can offer a solution by altering the pain’s sensation, using a combination of multiple agents. Each patient’s chronic pain is unique, which is why taking a personalized approach to pain management is crucial.


pain management

Experience Superior Pain Management with Compounded Formulations

If you’ve been disappointed by traditional pain management options, there’s hope through a trusted compounding pharmacy. The pharmacists at Towne Lake Family Pharmacy have the knowledge and expertise to formulate the right combination of medications and agents to alleviate your chronic pain.


Depending on your needs, the most effective compounded formulation may include:
  • Antidepressants
  • Antiarrhythmics
  • Anticonvulsants
  • Anesthetics
  • NMDA antagonists
  • Antiviral agents

Our compounding pharmacists bring extensive experience to your pain management formulation, so you can trust you are getting the most effective preparation to meet your needs. We’ve dedicated ourselves to leveraging the latest research, compounding technology, equipment, and formulations to give you the best pain management results possible.


Effective Pain Management Dose for Optimal Pain Relief 

Let us work with your physician to prepare transdermal creams and gels that deliver a powerful local concentration at the application site, in a base formula that provides systemic absorption, or for a trigger point application. You do not absorb transdermal formulations through the gastrointestinal system, which means you will experience better pain relief without the typical side effects like nausea and dizziness that exist with oral medications.


Find a Better Way to Manage Your Chronic Pain

Reach out to the compounding pharmacists at Towne Lake Family Pharmacy to get the customized, specialized pain management formulations to reclaim a life free from chronic pain. We are here to answer your questions and ensure you get the ideal compounded medication and dose for your unique health and wellness needs.


Contact Towne Lake Family Pharmacy now to learn more about a superior solution for pain management.


pain management

Discover how custom medications from our compounding pharmacy can help you find relief!

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