How can specialty compounding help veterinarians to broaden prescribing abilities and enhance treatment?

Discover a trusted veterinary compounding solution.

Specialty veterinary compounding services exist not to compete with local veterinarians but to enhance their services.


At Towne Lake Family Pharmacy, our compounding pharmacists work closely with veterinarians and clients to expand prescribing capabilities and provide patient-specific dosage forms to achieve ideal formulation and strength. Our goal is to help our local veterinarians find more effective and efficient solutions to treat patients.


Make Medicating Animal Patients Easier

With proper compounding techniques, pharmacists can prepare flavored chews that are more appealing to animals and assist with appropriate dosage. For example, it’s far easier to tranquilize a feral cat with a tasty chew enhanced with liver flavor. This medication form prevents the common problem of over-or underdosing.


Our compounding pharmacists can custom formulate veterinary medication as a chew, capsule, liquid, or topical and transdermal gel to meet the vet’s exact specifications. This eliminates the need to divide contents or cut-up tablets, as is common practice with commercial medications.


As manufacturers determine that certain commercially available products are no longer financially worth it for them to market, the list of available medications becomes smaller. By utilizing a compounding pharmacy specializing in veterinary formulations, vets and clients can ensure animals will continue to have access to the medications they need.


Why Choose Us for Veterinary Medication Compounds

The compounding pharmacists at Towne Lake Family Pharmacy have the experience and skills to prepare:
  • Medication in a variety of flavors
  • Medicine in the optimal strength, size, and dosage form
  • Medications that are currently unavailable commercially
  • Formulation combinations for better compliance
  • Novel medication delivery systems and devices

The right compounding services are an effective means to an end. Our team works together with local veterinarians and their clients to solve medication issues and challenges. By compounding specialized animal medications, we can meet the individualized needs of each animal, from pets and horses to exotics and zoo animals.


Peace of Mind for Clients and Better Care for Animals

As your veterinary compounding partner, Towne Lake Family Pharmacy is dedicated to helping you provide the highest level of medical care for your animal patients. We are the problem-solving experts for even the greatest vet medication administration challenges. Our compounding pharmacists use premium quality chemicals and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver exceptional formulations you can’t find anywhere else.


We are also dedicated to providing attentive customer service and will always be there to answer your questions and work closely with veterinarians and clients to help you provide the best care for animals. At Towne Lake Family Pharmacy, we understand medicating animals can be a challenge. Let us help you simplify and enhance the treatment process.


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Want Peace of Mind While Taking Better Care of your animals?

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