Our Pharmacy

Towne Lake Family Pharmacy provides courteous treatment and individual attention to each one of our customers. We are a family owned retail compounding pharmacy right here in Woodstock, GA.

As a compounding pharmacy, we approach things differently. Our goal is not to mask your symptoms, but to help you understand what you are feeling and help start the healing process.

We are a well trusted pharmacy, we believe in making our services affordable for you, along with your friends and family.



O. Julius Quarcoo – the Compounding Pharmacist extraordinaire with a root-cause approach to solving complex health disorders.

O. Julius Quarcoo is the owner and lead pharmacist at Towne Lake Family Pharmacy in Woodstock GA. In addition to his degree in pharmaceutical sciences, he has extensive training in both Functional and Foundational medicine. He holds a functional medicine board certification through the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine and advanced training in root cause medicine. He also has extensive training in a new emerging field of medicine called Foundational Medicine. This is a field of medicine that takes the practice of identifying and addressing the root cause of diseases a step further, by identifying and removing adverse environmental factors that affect health.

O. Julius has extensive training and certifications in pharmaceutical compounding through the American College of Apothecaries (ACA) and Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) He uses his extensive experience in medication customization to solve complex medication and supplement delivery processes for his human patients and their furry friends and other pets.

His holistic approach to solving the health problems of his patients comes from over 32 years of practicing as a pharmacist in many specialties and from his own health challenges. As a traditional healthcare professional, he had a major wake-up call when the numerous prescription drugs that he was dispensing daily to others was not able to help resolve his health issues. That is when he turned to the study of Functional Medicine and a root cause approach to resolving health crises.

O. Julius collaborates with other healthcare providers in his community and across the Atlanta metro area to help numerous patients find lasting solutions to complex health issues, He takes particular interest in autoimmune diseases and other chronic health conditions that are unresponsive to traditional treatment.