As men age, they experience a decline in testosterone production, and sometimes the term “andropause” is used to describe this condition. This result in symptoms like a decrease in sex drive or libido that even to lead erectile dysfunction-ED, loss of lean muscle mass, feeling tired all the time FATIGUE, being overweight, and symptoms of depression, to name a few.

In men, testosterone declines on average about 1-2% per year. The decline is even faster in men with chronic stress. The normal level of testosterone in men ranges between 300-1100ng/dl with an average of level of 680ng/dl. In our practice, we see that most men fall far short of this average level, and surprisingly that includes younger men too. Low Testosterone symptoms can happen to men as young as 30. (A simple blood test will show the levels).

Lifestyle change, dietary modification, and testosterone replacement therapy are some of the treatment options available to treat testosterone deficiency (low T). Testosterone replacement therapy as a treatment option includes either using commercially available injections, creams, and gels, or they can be prepared at a compounding pharmacy like Towne Lake Family Pharmacy, in dosages and strengths that are personalized to individual patient needs.

Tips for Taking Medicine for Low T Symptoms, or getting Testosterone Therapy:

Testosterone injections may be inconvenient and can be quite painful. They can produce an erratic blood level of peaks and troughs (highs and lows) If you have low Testosterone and are considering a Testosterone shot/injection you may want to consider a gel or a cream instead, like the ones we make here at Towne Lake Pharmacy. They produce a stable and steady blood level of the prescribed medication.
The mass-produced commercial testosterone options like Androgel and Testim are a relatively low concentration of the medication and are available in strengths only up to 50mg/ml. We compound strengths that goes as high as 300mg/ml.
At Towne Lake Family Pharmacy, we compound medications like testosterone gels for both men and women. You can get the specific dosage form you need, created in a gel, cream or lozenge (whatever you prefer), and for much less cost than the commercially available ones. And, we make it right here.


How we compound testosterone for Low T symptoms:

1) We use only the highest quality form of testosterone that meet the strictest of US professional standards.

2) By the order of a physician, we can compound testosterone in various dosage forms and strengths into creams-gels, troches or lozenges, all tailor-made to fit the individual’s specific medical needs.

3) Our compounded medication of testosterone gels and creams are affordable, and the cost is much less than what the commercially available options cost. Call us to check on a price for your testosterone therapy or Low T medicine: 770-635-7697  We also offer medicine delivery service, made by our friendly staff. (Within a 10 mile delivery range).

4) Our compounded medications are conveniently made to be more palatable, easier to take and use, and we use special gel bases to enhance absorption! Using a compounded medicine that is made for YOU will make a big difference in the way you feel!

At Towne Lake Family Pharmacy, we can work with you and your doctor to come up with an individualized compounded medication to help you achieve the optimal dosage form of your testosterone replacement therapy that will help you feel your best.

Call us to ask for a price of your testosterone prescription. We can create a testosterone gel, testosterone pills, or testosterone lozenge. Call us now: 770-635-7697.

We provide compounded medication for people of all ages, for surrounding areas of Woodstock, Roswell, Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth, Canton, Holly Springs,  Alpharetta, Austell, and Cartersville. You won’t find a better way of boosting Low Testosterone other than personalized, compounded medicine at Towne Lake Pharmacy!



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