Are you aware of the top risk with compounded thyroid medication? The truth is, not all compounded formulations and compounding pharmacies are equal. Finding a qualified T3/T4 compounding pharmacy is crucial to successful treatment for a thyroid condition, but that’s not all. It can literally be a life-or-death situation.

Many people suffering from thyroid conditions are surprised to learn the #1 risk of taking compounded thyroid medication is incorrect compounding. It’s a problem that can lead to serious health complications and even death. Keep reading to learn more about what can happen when you don’t choose the right pharmacy. We’ll also cover the steps experienced compounding pharmacists take to keep you safe.

“My Compounded T3 Capsules Sent Me to the Hospital!”

When you go to a compounding pharmacy, you should be able to trust that the pharmacists have a high level of expertise and know what they are doing. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. At Towne Lake Family Pharmacy, we have a patient who had a terrible experience with the T3 capsules she purchased from another compounding pharmacy.
After an online search for a T3 compounding pharmacy near her, she chose one and used her prescription to place an order. She picked up a partial prescription from the pharmacy and the next day picked up the rest, which was supposed to be freshly compounded. That’s when the worst happened.

The woman reported that the T3 pills from this pharmacy made her so sick that she ended up in the hospital. To make matters worse, when she got out of the hospital, she transferred her prescription to a new compounding pharmacy and had a similar reaction.

Finally, she found Towne Lake Family Pharmacy and was able to get the right formulation and dosage from our expert compounding pharmacists. She experienced zero reactions to her new thyroid medication. She was so relieved and continues to get her compounded T3 from us today.

Unfortunately, there are countless stories like this and far worse from patients who need compounded T3/T4. Thyroid medicine compounding is technical and precise and requires a level of skill most pharmacists do not possess. In the worst cases, patients can experience serious health consequences if the formulation or dosage is even slightly off.

What Can Go Wrong with Compounded Thyroid Medication?

T3 and T4 compounded formulations are among the most challenging medications to make. There are extra time and costs associated with properly compounding and testing the thyroid formulations. The hormones are so potent that the dosage is in micrograms (mcg) instead of milligrams (mg). For reference, a grain of salt is approximately 1000 mcg. If a patient’s prescription requires a 25mcg T4 capsule, that is an extremely small, precise amount. Being off even slightly can have toxic or even deadly effects.

It is for these reasons the expertise of your compounding pharmacist must be at the top level. There is simply no room for error or cutting corners. The most common mistakes inexperienced or unqualified pharmacists make with T3/T4 formulations include:

  • Miscalculations with the amount of T3 or T4
  • Improper or ununiform mixing with the formulation’s filler
  • Not thoroughly testing the formulation after compounding
  • Not knowing the difference between T3/T4 pre-concentrate and pure T3/T4

Typically, these mistakes occur when the pharmacists do not have the right training, equipment, processes, and experience in compounding thyroid formulations. If the compounders do not know the difference between T3 or T4 pre-concentrate and pure T3 or T4, the consequences can be fatal. It’s an unacceptable mistake that puts lives on the line. Choose a compounding pharmacy with highly trained pharmacists who specialize in T3/T4 medication formulation. Doing so will protect your health and give you peace of mind.

Towne Lake Family Pharmacy Provides Precise, Safe Compounded Thyroid Medication

At Towne Lake Family Pharmacy, we are dedicated to accuracy, excellence, and consistency in every compounded formulation. Our pharmacists are thyroid compounding specialists. We have state-of-the-art equipment and expert processes to ensure your safety and satisfaction time and time again.

Our custom formulations go through extensive testing before we place them in your hands. When you turn to the Towne Lake Family Pharmacy team, you will get the precise thyroid formulation you need to meet your health goals. You will never have to worry that your T3/T4 medication will make you sicker or put your life at risk.

Contact our trusted compounding pharmacists at Towne Lake Family Pharmacy today to fill your prescription. We develop precise, safe compounded thyroid medication. Our reliable specialists are here to answer your questions and provide attentive patient care to put your mind at ease.